A modern lens to scope the past.

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A Digital Lens to Contextualization and Understanding

Using augmented reality, EraScope is an app that aims to draw an unbiased recontextualization of historical monuments and sites around your area. The app goes above and beyond to uncover the hidden narratives and stories which would otherwise go unnoticed daily.


Choose -> Scan -> Understand. It's simple! EraScope revolves around the "Tell me something I don't know" ideology, working to inform its users on the history behind famous, controversial, and/or obscure monuments and sites in their areas.


EraScope makes use of augmented reality, a new emerging media tool that expands our physical world by adding visual and audible layers. The feature allows for new information to be creatively presented to the user upon scanned recognition of chosen site.


EraScope is all about user engagement and invovlement, which is why it is intended for easy use. All the user has to do is hover their phone's camera over the site of interest and EraScope will do the rest!

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How Does The App Work?


You can choose a site to visit and learn more about using one of two ways. 1) Use the Search Engine to find a specific site of interest and its location, or 2) Use the Map feature to choose which site to visit based on its proximity to you.


Once you have chosen the site, follow the instructions provided on the map to take you to your destination. Typically, the destination will be within your current area, so you don't have to worry about traveling too far!


When you have reached your destination and discovered your historical monument and/or site, open the camera feature on the application. Scan the identified checkmark of the site to unlock the hidden narrative.


Explore the visual and audible AR narrative features that are presented before you. Hear, watch, read, and discover something new about the site! Then, choose another nearby site to visit and begin your next adventure with EraScope in hand.

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Loaded With Features You Would Surely Love

Our app EraScope is intended for easy, accessible use. That's why our team implemented features which would allow for users to enjoy history using a flexible, adaptive, and exciting medium.

Personalized Interaction

In order to create a more unique experience, EraScope uses augmented reality to help the user engage with the site. Users can interact with and access information about the site using their personal phones and space.

Voice & Video

The augmented reality aspect of EraScope provides the user with a unqiue educational experience in learning about a specific site. Users will be able to read facts, watch videos, and hear audio recordings relating to the site's hidden narrative.

Easy Navigation

Using the maps feature on the EraScope app, users will be surprised to discover how easy it is to navigate to their desired site. All historical sites will be made available to the user based on their proximity, so the user should be able to effortlessly travel to and from.


EraScope aims to be simple! All you need is a phone and a camera lens to experience the past in a way that's beyond a text-book description. Just hover the camera over the identified checkmark, scan, and wait for the hidden narrative to uncover.

Meet the EraScope Team

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Austin Eller

Research Director
Austin focused on the research element required for the EraScope project, as well as the presentations required throughout the process. Austin also acted as the client liaison and help with other tasks on occasion, such as those relating to video or photo.

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Aysha Jerald

Content Director
Aysha created and maintained the EraScope project website, researched and found information about historical sites, and assisted in the audible and geographical story-telling within the augmented reality experience.

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Hans Bhavan

Developer/Technical Director
Hans was responsible for the coding and functionality of the EraScope app, as well as all the technologies the project utilized throughout the process. Hans took charge of the alpha and beta build and made sure the final project met all the standards for functionality.

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Isaiah Joesph

Video Director
Isaiah used his skill in creative strategizing, filming, and video editing and animation to help with the all of the visual and narrative needs of the project. He also assisted in creating mock-ups for the product and the product website.

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Natalie Ferguson

Brand Director
Natalie kept the creative vision on track and created a cohesive and well thought out design for the EraScope app. Natalie lead the creation of the visual design document, mock-ups, and all other creative elements involved in designing this project.

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Sarah Leonard

3D Asset/Visual Director
With experience in creating and managing 3D assets, Sarah worked with the Developer and Technical Director on the creative side of creating the visuals for the EraScope app and the 3D aspects of display. In addition, Sarah also split the presentation duties with the Research and Presentation Director.